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Educating Preschoolers, Pensioners, & Everyone In Between

Workshops For Children


The following workshops are designed with age and maturity in mind. What is listed below is an outline of each grade level but we are open to tailoring classes to include or exclude materials depending on our audience.


  • Learn to identify body parts and learn the proper names

  • Discuss safe and unsafe touching by utilizing simple, honest language

  • Talk about the difference between strangers and trusted adults 


This class uses: stories, art, and visual displays

45 Minute Session

Kindergarten & Grade 1 


  • Learn to identify body parts and learn proper names

  • Talk about safe and unsafe touching more deeply

  • Introduce the topic of babies and where they come from

This class uses: stories, art and games 

2 - 45 Minute Sessions

Grade 2 & 3

  • Recap of body parts and their scientific names

  • Distinguish between the digestive and reproductive systems

  • Touch on the changes all bodies go through during puberty

  • Talk about differences in our families and selves (same sex parents, interracial, transgender, sexual identity)


This class uses: art, activities, games, and stories 

2/45 Minute Sessions 


Grade 4

  • Introduce puberty and the physical and emotional changes we go through as girls and boys

  • Talk about identity both sexually and within our homes, school, and community

  • Open dialogue about healthy relationships both with family members, teachers, and friends

  • Introduce body image and positivity

  • Devoted section to the internet and social media 

This class uses: honest conversation, interactive media, stories, art and an open, safe environment

2/60 Minute Sessions


Grade 5


  • Delve deeper into puberty

  • Discuss changing relationships

  • Introduce hygiene and its importance

  • Explore computer safety when it comes to social media and internet use

  • Highlight the importance of healthy body image

  • Talk about healthy foods and activity

This class uses: open dialogue, more complex themes and ideas, safe environment, and media 

2/60 Minute Sessions


Grade 6


  • Talk about the human reproductive system

  • Discuss developmental rates in puberty

  • Further explore hygiene and tools to help

  • Interactive conversation about healthy relationships, peer pressure, and bullying

  • A deeper examination of the internet and social media

This class uses: honest conversation, diagrams, more mature terminology, open and safe environment, and trust

3/60 Minute Sessions


Grade 7


  • Open dialogue about pressure, expectations, and stress in relation to school, family, and peers

  • Frank conversation about the pros and cons of social media

  • Gentle introduction to STIs 

  • Condom demonstration (depending on school)

This class uses: conversation, honesty, encouragement, stories and experiences 

3/60  Minute Sessions

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