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Educating Preschoolers, Pensioners, & Everyone In Between

Workshops For Teenagers


For our high school workshops, we facilitate an open conversation, broaching subjects carefully and responding to comments and questions as they are brought up. Our approach for teenagers is more open and less structured, though we do navigate each conversation accordingly and ensure to tackle the issues listed below. 

Grade 8

  • Talk about healthy friendships and relationships

  • Introducing mental health and conditions

  • Discuss sexual decision making and knowing when you're ready

  • STI information session (including HIV)

  • Birth control dialogue and condom demonstration

1 Hour Session

Grade 9

  • More in-depth discussion about STIs

  • Open dialogue about consent and what it means

  • Discussing harassment and how to respond (sexual harassment, gender-based violence, homophobia, racism)

1 Hour Session


Grade 10

  • Honest discussion about substances and addictions

  • Talking about risky behaviours and consent

  • Sharing experiences about diversity and inclusiveness

  • Open dialogue about dating and realtionships

  • Exploring contraception options

1 Hour Session

Grade 11

  • Touching on pornography and how it effects relationships

  • Expectations within relationships

  • Talking about navigating the workplace and the rights we have

  • Incorporating information from Grade 10 session 

1 Hour Session 

Grade 12

  • Understanding sexual identity and gender

  • Discussing expectations and realities of university and college (personal and professional relationships)

  • An in-depth conversation about mental health 

  • Dedicating time to individual stories and experiences 

1 Hour Session  

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