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Educating Preschoolers, Pensioners, & Everyone In Between

Specialized Classes


Specialized classes are created to help specific groups of people. The subject matter is fine-tuned to reflect the needs of those we are educating. If you are interested in a class that isn't listed here, please reach out as we most likely will be able to accommodate depending on the request.

Moon Flowers

This class is ideal for girls aged 9-13 and deals with the subject of menstruation. In this class, students will learn about the menstrual cycle in relation to puberty. We will discuss what to expect in regards to physical and emotional changes. A significant portion of the class focuses on self-care, incorporating privacy and addressing your needs as you cope with menstruation, as well as products, and hygiene.

1/90 Minute Session



Navigating motherhood and maintaining your own identity can be a challenge, so we've constructed a course that will help women find the time and space to reconnect with themselves. This class teaches moms how to connect with their partner, especially when they just want to go to sleep. Self love is the utmost rule of thumb and we strive to guide attendees in the direction towards feeling sexy again and finding the space and time to do so. Through stories, art, and open discussion about birth control, vulva health, and cycles, we will journey through this new adventure together. 

1/90 Minute Session

Adventures In Singledom

Designed to not only teach adult women how to find a partner, but to aid them in loving themselves while they wait. This class is designed to explore confidence, finding new ways to bring one's sexuality to the forefront, and feel comfortable the bodies we have. By using both journaling and art, our students journey into their deepest desires and learn to express what they truly want. Some of the topics discussed in this class are: erotic you, healthy self-esteem, self care, how to feel good in the world, break-ups, heartache, and how to move on. 

1/90 Minute Session


Golden Oldies

Being sexually positive is important at any age, even for pensioners, and we want to break down the stigma that revolves around seniors and sexuality. By discussing important topics like consent and self love, we open the door for communication and promote a healthy attitude towards sexual health. This class is designed to allow people over the age of sixty to stay relevant in the changing world of sexuality. Other subjects we will explore are: how to stay sexually active, what's new in the world of contraceptives and terminology, the importance of touch, and how things have changed since they were young. 

1 Hour

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