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Educating Preschoolers, Pensioners, & Everyone In Between

Workshops & Classes


All of our workshops and classes are designed to educate and promote sexual health and body positivity. Teaching techniques and tools vary and we utilize different approaches for each age, stage, and environment. If you are looking for a class not listed here, please contact us, as we offer many alternative courses that may only be featured at certain times of the year. Our services are quite versatile and we are able to tailor classes to better benefit client's needs. 



Our elementary workshops range from preschool to grade seven. We use stories, art, and interactive games to help children stay focused while they learn. Each session is designed to foster a safe, inclusive environment for children to participate in open discussions. Elementary workshops are $60 an hour or you can contact us about our packaged rates. 


High School


For the high school workshops we utilize an open discussion format and set aside time for anonymous questions. Health education for teenagers is important as they are faced with making decisions in regards to their bodies and relationships. With each level of health education the youth in our community are better equipped to navigate their way through difficult situations and changes. High school workshops are $60 an hour or if you're interested in multiple sessions we can discuss a package. 


Specialized Classes


Specialized classes are tailored to educate specific groups of people. Currently we are offering classes for menstruation, mothers, single adults, and seniors. For in-home sessions, private sessions, or group sessions we charge $25 per person or $150 for a group of 6 or more.     

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